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immastereotype's Journal

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insult.to.irony [lora]
25 June 1982
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i don't want to tell you about me. chances are, if you're terribly interested, you'll stalk me on myspace. and that should tell you everything you need to know without actually asking me yourself.

i think i'm rude. yea. probably real rude.
i'm so rude that i've made my journal 'friends only'. too bad for ewe.

androgyny, art, bettie page, billiards, capturing moments i.e. photography, coffee, comics!!!/comic art, cosmetology/fierce fucking hair, francesca lia block, girls with septum piercings, mcopunk crew, md 20/20, mixtapes, mouths, my mom, new moons, piercing collections, pirates!! yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!, riding bikes, sunglasses! bigones, taft house!, tarot, tattoo collections, the james river!!!, zoo crew!!!

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